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    Seth L

    Hello there,

    I was directed to this site by an apple technician, and it’s already answered a few of my questions, thanks!

    I am the one man IT department for a 20 person engineering firm, and I am considering dumping over 10 years of legacy Netware (now version 6.0, GroupWise E-mail 6.5, eDirectory 8.something), and moving to Apple.

    We run all PC desktops as well.

    I am worried about doing a complete overhaul of our system. I’m concerned that migrating not only files, but the directory, SMTP e-mail, Web mail, print sharing, backup system, and probably a couple things I’ve forgotten, will result in disaster.

    I’d like to do it if it’s at all possible, I’m tired of being hitched to a dead horse (Netware), and I refuse to go with Microsoft Servers.

    Has anyone had experience with full Netware to OS X Server Migrations?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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