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    Setting up a new 10.6 server, alongside a 10.4 server that will be demoted to archive duties. I set up a subdomain in DNS on the old server, and the new server install went quickly and without issue (the forward/reverse lookups for server.sub.domain.com match just fine).

    I have started the DNS service on the new server, and it hosts the subdomain correctly for the new server. The new server does what it is supposed to, and so far so good.

    But now I want to set up DNS to refer to the server so that users can use a hostname to refer to the same machine. Now, I would prefer not to have to do a split domain, but it seems like that is the only way to do so. Either I use two hostnames (server.domain.com for external access, and server.sub.domain.com for internal access) or I just start hosting sub.domain.com externally (which, because it is limited in scope won’t be terrible, but still).

    Am I missing something obvious here? Or is this just the way it needs to be (I am pretty tired and may not be thinking this through).

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