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    My company needs a Junior Video/Audio Engineer with an It background. The person will provide backup for myself Aaron (Network Administrator) and my boss Evan (General Manager). The company’s are Lieberman Productions and Philo Television. We are located in San Francisco, California.

    Please send an email (resume included) with the subject line, "Junior Engineer" to Evan Stewart <[email protected]> if you are interested. Job Description is below.

    We are seeking a Video, Audio and IT support specialist to join our video production and post-production facility. Our primary business is provided by our parent company, and includes infomercials and product videos for infomercials. We also work with a variety of corporate event planners and advertising agencies where projects include event videos, trade show and seminar pieces and employee training videos.

    The Junior Video Engineer and IT Support specialist at Philo works with video and audio systems, MCR equipment (tape machines, routers, and associated peripheral equipment) and computer based video and audio editing systems Avid, FCP, Pro Tools) and will be responsible for supporting troubleshooting and maintaining these systems and ensuring proper operation. This person also works to support our facility editors and producers to help create video pieces that will air on broadcast or cable stations, or will be seen at various events around the world.

    Responsibilities – Junior Video engineer
    • Work with our freelance engineer to ensure proper alignment and operation of audio and video equipment in MCR and edit suites.
    • Daily technical support and trouble shooting of all video, audio, computer systems and related equipment; ensure that all systems are running at optimal speed and efficiency.
    • Set up, maintenance and support of all computer video and audio editing systems: Avid, ProTools, Final Cut Pro.
    • Support and maintain Avid Unity system.
    • Provide technical and network administration assistance to Editors and Producers and graphic artists.
    • Create and maintain a regular maintenance calendar for all post-production equipment.
    • Create and maintain an up-to-date database of all equipment and software that catalogs equipment and parts, serial numbers and descriptions
    • Work with our engineer to schedule maintenance and installations.
    • Backup support for MCR tape operations, completing dubs and video/audio transfers to specifications.
    • Research latest advancements in systems and equipment; recommend upgrades and improvements as needed.

    Responsibilities – IT and Network administration
    • Backup relief for IT Department. Provide support for company email and file servers, network infrastructure, etc.
    • Provide help desk support for Mac and Windows client systems.
    • Hardware and software install and support of computer systems companywide.
    • Support graphics departments systems and software.
    • Maintain software and hardware inventory for all systems companywide.
    • Support DVD and Media compression and encoding workstations and operations.
    • Maintain system monitor and color printer calibration
    • Research latest advancements in software and systems; recommend upgrades and improvements as needed.

    • In-depth understanding of the basic functions of a video post facility master control room and its equipment and protocols for operating such. Includes: Video/Audio router, patch bays and patching, VTR and machine functions, waveform/vector scope monitors, Digital Betacam and Betacam VTRs, DAT audio machines, audio mixers, VHS and 3/4” VTRs, DVD systems and monitoring and signal flow.
    • Must possess a thorough understanding of the film/video postproduction process, with real world experience with Avid and Digidesign products in this environment.
    • An excellent understanding of the entire Avid Media Composer application and ProTools on Mac and Windows system.
    • Set up and install of Avid systems in a synchronized environment utilizing black burst, timecode, and machine control protocols.
    • Experience with Avid Unity from installation to general maintenance and upkeep and troubleshooting.
    • Knowledge of synchronization and machine control, including experience with edit controllers and VTR’s.
    • Understanding of postproduction audio including audio OMF and conform tools and pullup/pulldown.
    • 5 years experience working with computers with equal ability on Mac OSX and Windows (XP, 2000, NT) operating systems. The ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues with either platform is mandatory.
    • Ability work unsupervised.
    • Ability to prioritize jobs as needed to complete the day’s work.
    • Understanding of the workflow of an editing project. From acquisition, to logging and digitizing, to output of a final piece.
    • Understanding of basic IP networking.

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