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    This one goes out to Allister! I saw you made a recent change to InstaDMG:

    Recovery partition creation can now be manually altered in instadmg.bash, still
    working on proper parameter passing in python(say that three times fast.) Bumped
    build numbers, java and iTunes versions. Happy Holidays!


    So a couple of questions here:
    1. How does one manually alter the Recovery Partition creation in instadmg.bash? I’m assuming one has to change the variable $DMG_FS but I’m just not sure to what…
    2. Does this affect InstaUp2Date? I’m assuming it doesn’t, but figured I’d ask.

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    Noel Alonso

    I’ll try to answer even tho is not directed to me :)~

    1-Just edit line #34 and remove the last J . That is remove the journaling.

    2-It affects instaUp2Date the same way it does to instadmg.bash. That is only when the cache file is created. If you already have a cached file in the cached folder for the OSX version you are building, the change in 1- is useless. Delete the cache file to see a change in the end result


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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