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    I have OD users and eDirectory users logging into an OS 10.3.9 client workstation and mounting their network homes that reside on the OS 10.3.8 Server. This same server has been set up at one time or another as either a workgroup server or a pdc/domain server. This allows the OD users to either map their network home (if set up as a workgroup) or log into the XP machine through the OS X Domain and having their network home automatically mount as the h: drive.

    My problem is an eDirectory user won’t touch their network home on the OS X server regardless if the server is set up as a Domain or Workgroup. Workgroup seems the simplest solution, since I should be able to have a user log into Novell and have the Novell login script map their OS X Server’s home directory. But it doesn’t work. Has anyone else tried this?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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