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    There are so many people who need a proper solution. Many small businesses use Office hence entourage. How can we get a proper shared address book. The best way I have seen is to run LDAP. I used A4LDAP utility to setup my own ldap server but it only imports names not groups.

    Any existing solutions or a easy guide to setup an ldap server with groups etc. We don’t want to use Xserver as we want an address book easy to manager and one holding internal and external email addresses.

    I know you can share out address book and use mail quite nicely but what about all the people using entourage and other mail clients.

    Many mac users now have something like communigate but their implementation is certainly not easy to understand.

    Any help very appreciated this has been a very very long ongoing issues I just haven’t quite been able to solve with a neat solution.



    Come on guys how many people run OSX with entourage and want shared calenders and address book in a small commercial office 10 -20 users. We have hundreds of customers in this category yet I cannot find ONE proper solution.

    XC connect seem to address the issue but their software doesn’t work that well.

    Any ideas please


    DayLite will do shared address book and shared calendars. It will sync with Address Book, iCal and Palm. It runs off OpenBase and you can take the info offline if you are on a laptop and then sync it back up over the internet or in the office

    Check ’em out at


    We use LDAP for addresses and MeetingMaker for schedules/calendars.



    Yes daylight is a very nice piece of software well worth looking at.

    There is a new piece of mail software in town that matches nearly everyhting we need,.


    Nice easy interface entourage interacts with it for ldap address books, local contacts can be synched to webmail, calendar also to webmail. Also works for outlook and works very very well, is also very cheap for what it offers. Bye Bye communigate we have found a nice alternative that just about has it all. You can also edit the ldap server bit from outlook as an admin user or from the webmail side and it si done. No messing about.

    Thanks for the options , this should improve as time goes on for all of us as it is a basic need for most users.


    Try http://www.desknow.com

    Basic version FREE. I runs it on a mysql database with 12 users. Great.


    my company has been using something called xc connect – covers sharing address book data with both our Mac users and our Outlook users. Works good. The webiste is http://www.xcnetwork.com.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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