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    I installed exim from the package and some permissions were wrong. I changed exim to be +s root and might’ve messed with spool dir and logfile permissions. (It’s 3 AM, so I’m a little fuzzy right now.)

    Here’s a tip that might be helpful. I have a desktop Mac I use from behind a gateway via cable modem. By default, my Mac’s local hostname is something like [i:d99530da24]Dual500MHz.local[/i:d99530da24], which ain’t too useful, but who cares, right? I’m going through NAT to get to the rest of the world.

    But it’s annoying to see that invalid return address on my outgoing emails (sent via commandline [i:d99530da24]mail[/i:d99530da24]; Apple’s [i:d99530da24]Mail[/i:d99530da24] does not use a local MTA). So I modified the following exim configuration file lines:

    primary_hostname = mydomain.org
    domainlist_local_domains = localhost
    qualify_domain = mydomain.org
    qualify_recipient = localhost
    # host_lookup = *

    And viola, if I type [code:1:d99530da24]mail localuser[/code:1:d99530da24] it is delivered locally, if I type [code:1:d99530da24]mail [email protected][/code:1:d99530da24] it gets out successfully, and of course [code][email protected][/] works as well.

    And of course, that’s how I send text messages to my phone from a perl script in a cron job which retrieves the days’ weather forecast and sends it to me each morning.

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