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    Tried to post a new post in the Questions and Answers-Misc area and kept receiving an error of “Spam detected. Post deleted message. It was a few lines of text and included a link to a website to apply for a job. What is causing this?



    i can’t post, get an error about some fields being empty or to short, i’m thinking it might be my name!

    testing if i can reply


    I too am getting this “error”

    spam detected. post deleted.

    Are the spam settings set that aggressively that legitimate users cant even post …. 🙂

    or is it just me ..


    I found the offending text in my post


    triggers the spam filter go figure, board admin’s what do you think about it? are the filters working as expected.

    It took me 20 minutes of constant copy and pasting to find the offending line in my 250 word post.

    please note i had to mod the offending text .. or the spam filter would have kicked in again

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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