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    by either default or server based process, might have nice broad implications for schools and such to support.

    http://www.privoxy.org but main load of new content is at sourceforge website. There is a 3.0.5 beta near end of development and the UB of it is in the patches section in one of the posts but there’s some question about how it’ll work on the Mac and what scripts to help make it run right.

    Just wondering if anyone uses it, implications of how it is used….

    Two third party aspects possibly to add to the privoxy question… one is http://www.neilvandyke.org/privoxy-rules/ which adds some rules more specifically against adware functions. And while some people may be very interested in using it with Tor that doesn’t seem relevant in a school system. However someone has done some stress testing… he doesn’t mention the impact of just privoxy itself but seems open to exploring the idea. See http://www.adotout.com/ExploringAnonNetworking.pdf

    The main wish list item in regards to privoxy I have is to have it use clamav to read incoming data of suspect types for virus type stuff (which includes javascript phishing exploits.) There was a patch someone had figure out a couple sub versions ago but it got lost in the final 3.0.3 version.

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