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    I’d like to see outlined the steps required to use an AD server in partnership with Panther server.

    AD provides users and passwords to Panther NetInfo server. Groups are defined on Panther server. All users authenticate to the Panther server.





    To add to Greg’s suggestion – an up to date (10.3.4) step by step on the requirements (in one doc) for this scenario (probably quite common):

    AD users authorise on Macs (via AD bind on Xserve and Mac clients) managed in WGM groups and with Windows homes on Xserve mounted and also used as OS X homes


    troubleshooting AD bind & using dsconfigad for home mounting (e.g. bind stops ‘working’ and 14002 errors happen, have to dump Library/Preferences/DirectoryServices/ActiveDirectory.plist and restart then rebind)

    AD home folders set onto Xserve AFP/SMB sharepoint – from AD users setup using AD tools and then following OS X set up in WGM+troubleshooting (AFP/SMB mount login error message, home not found etc)

    Setting up Windows Service when using Win PDC not OS X server PDC.

    Troubleshooting KDC – before Server setup – and after provided DNS is forward/reverse in Win to start with (i.e. KDC is OK, then appears as ‘stopped’ and you don’t want to demote to Standalone and lose LDAP info

    This guide could reference other articles (provided they’re updated).
    I think alot of peolpe are trying to implement OS X.3.4 in this kind of setup and need one doc. that can at least outline AD bind, LDAP, WGM groups, AD homes on Xserve, KDC etc.

    Great new site. Cheers.


    I’ll try the PDF with a single Xserve, using the extra 250GB module backed up to tape for the home dirs.

    I’ll use a 1.25Mhz G4 for the OD Master LDAP lookup for AD users in WGM. Until our Director of Information Services buys more Xserve’s and an XRAID (!!) that’s my hardware limits ….

    I’ll post results/queries/probs….


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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