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    Hello, i make a new post to highlight this problem.

    Last year, i have made many images with instaDMG, all with a custom output name volume (Disque dur, in french). This year, i have done the same with 10.8 in an other mac. Everything fine.
    And then i update InstaDMG to v462 (i don’t remember which version i used before)… and i could’t create an image. I make many tests, the last one with just vanilla_10.8 catalog (with my custom name for output volume), no image in cache, mac rebooted and fresh image of 10.8.2. No success, not image created, with error messages speaking about Macintosh HD. So i look in /var/temp and i found 3 images, “Disque dur”, “Macintosh HD” and “Recovery HD”. “Macintosh HD” was empty, not “Disque dur”.
    So i make the same test without a custom name but with “Macintosh HD” as output volume name… and everything fine.

    I must conclude that version 462 does not allow the use of a name other than “Macintosh HD” for the output volume name.
    I hope that this can be corrected in a future release.
    Thanks in advance !!!

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