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    If I had a buck for every person who was considering an Xserve as a hosting solution but was put off by the absence of cPanel/Plesk, I’d be rich by now.

    I’m no expert but it must be possible to come up with a viable open-source alternative. How many years have they had?

    Also, I’ve been playing around with Darwin 8.01 on an old PC lately – I was hoping to deploy it as a fileserver without having to use NFS – and it struck me that there is little to distinguish an x86 box running Darwin from an xServe when it’s running remotely. I think there would be demand for software which would enhance the functionality of Darwin and make it more user-friendly for people who have recently switched to a Mac and want to put their old PC to use in the new OS environment. Hell, even if it’s making it an iTunes server.

    I know the Mac mini, in addition to a couple of promising HTPC projects, has been earmarked for a commercial software release at the end of the year. Why is no one doing the same for Darwin?

    Darwindows, anyone?

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