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    Any one want to take this setup/installation on? I’m dying to try this on our X server. This is the Exchange Killer I’ve been waiting for!!!



    Anyone had a succesfull build of open-xchange yet ?

    The install file tells me it needs jsdk.jar, jdbc.jar, mail.jar, activation.jar and jdom.jar. My java knowledge is close to zero, so anyone can tell me if these modules are shipped with OSX (maybe developer tools ?)

    I think open-xchange is worth giving a try because it’s one of the things we’re missing on OS X.



    I made a full tutorial with installer here :
    Open-Xchange on OS X Server
    Open-Xchange sur OS X Server



    Well, I got it running…v.0.75. Just got Postfix working right, so all the major parts are finished. Note: I had to add: domain = “mydomain” to the .cf file to start recieving mail, it wasnt present in the file.. Also – I would advise having Tomcat running BEFORE you install the latest Apple Java updates, else you may never get the OX login page to work. Configuration is not easy. For those of you who are trying to build from the LABO package: check the OXACL file before you merge the OX schema info into LDAP. There will probably be at least one dummy domain reference in there. Change it before, and you should get an error-free merge of data. Your base should be : dn=mailadmin,ou=Users,ou=OxObjects, dc=yourdomain,dc=com. You also enter this same line in the user field for an LDAP browser, then of course- your password. Make sure you can browse (or add to) LDAP with the correct dn and password FIRST. Dont bother with configuring Openxchange until you can. Until you can DO THIS- you will never create a user successfully in Openxchange. .It has to MATCH in both slapd_macosxserver.conf and admintools.conf. – or you will get the DREADED -49 : invalid credentials error…….good luck to all…



    what is with the tutorial from labo-apple.com? i’ve found it but only on french, but that doesn’t help me ^^
    have someone an other link, or a pdf of the tutorial?
    the links to the install packages also doesn’t work!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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