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    Relatively new to Macs, but I volunteered to figure out where we are after several downsizes have completely depleted our Mac knowledge and left us Unix/Linux guys that only do servers.What’s a poor Windows Sys Admin to do? Anyway, to business…

    At some point in the past we extended our OpenLDAP servers to support Mac authentication. I think that Macs only authenticate to LDAP at login? If so, is there a way to get them to do this over wireless to refresh their MCX settings and cached credentials as they’re logging in? This becomes even more important with the loss of Ethernet (built-in) to Air’s and Retina Pro’s. If not, does this cache renewal work with HomeSync, which we are trying not to use with our NFS Home areas.


    Also, from what I can tell, our old 10.4 server is a gloried MCX editor – basically just updates the LDAP server, which the users connect to and get corrected settings after doing so. I wrangled an old MacMini with Snow Leopard Server, which I just upgraded to Mountain Lion Server + Apple Remote Desktop, out of the shelves. Is there any way to make that more useful than our 10.4? Unlike AD, I don’t believe we do any machine management in LDAP, so does that mean I can use the new server to do so, or are there more LDAP schema extensions that would support something like this and continue the “editor” theme?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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