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    This is a proposed project to successfully deploy an open source telephony solution on Mac OS X Server. Telephony is here described as a corporate call routing system with voice mail and other services. The goal would be to centralize all communications on one computer platform. Other potential benefits are integration and customization with other software solutions running on the OS X Server.

    Some initial information links:


    Commercial OS X products:



    bossa nova

    I love this idea…other then MegaPhone is anyone else working on an OS X app?



    I am not aware of anyone else. The projects I link to note that people have successfully compiled to OS X. I hope to start playing more with this very soon and see what can be done.


    bossa nova


    Looks like you posted a hot topic because as I look at the number of views under the “Ideas” topic Telephony/VOip seems to be garnering the most attention (views). Hmmm….maybe we need a Telephony/VOip section?



    Well, without getting ridiculous, I will lay down my dreams on this one just a tad.

    First, it just makes sense. We want to control our communications and not have to learn and utilize several different types of tools that do not interact with each other in an intelligent manner.

    Second, wouldn’t it just be great if we could let this lead to even more cool things? What if we could listen to these messages not just via business phones but through our Macs? Its just audio data, why can’t QuickTime bring it to us? This would allow us to archive messages when necessary. If we had a powerful interface for controlling this system, we could build complex questions that will determine where particular callers end up, voice mail or forwarded to a cell phone for instance.



    I was looking for such a solution, too.

    I ended up with a link to the asterisk project ([url]http://www.asterisk.org[/url]).
    From the asterisk-page:
    [quote:585dcca6a2]Asterisk is primarily developed on GNU/Linux for x/86. It is known to compile and run on GNU/Linux for PPC. Other platforms and standards based UNIX-like operating systems should be reasonably easy to port for anyone with the time and requisite skill to do so.[/quote:585dcca6a2]
    Would be a nice project idea, i think 🙂



    I plan to start playing with Asterisk now that you have introduced it, in about two weeks when my schedule will permit spending the time on it. It sounds very good.




    Its great idea, this would allow us to archive messages when necessary. If we had a powerful interface for controlling this system. thanks.


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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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