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    We have been using eDirectory authentication and Xserve home drives for a while but moved them over to a raid on a novell server. The home drives are still getting shared out over afp and are now becoming as slow as it was running on the xserve. Is there any way for us to speed things up.

    Also we cant get home drive ownership working so everyone can access everyone elses documents.

    Please Help!


    ps – thanks in advance



    Well we are now having to restart the server that contains the student home drives at least once a day, sometimes even more.

    It really slows down when we have classes using Flash MX 2004 and Director 2004. Also students running itunes seems to kill it as well so we are removing that.

    How can we set the permissions so that users can only see their own work?





    The xserve was setup by the book, but we had to modify parts to complete authentication to novell. Home drives were initially setup following the manuals as well.

    We are running 10.3.8 on the xserve and it runs through a 100MB switch. Novell is version 6.5 for the new home drives and we are aware of the afp memory leak so we are in the process of moving this back to version 6.

    Hope this extra info helps





    We just setup a Fresh 10.3.9 system this summer
    (2 actually). Both High Schools connect to their local LDAP/edirectory server which also contains their Home directories. Students (accounts in the root OU of the building container cn=username,ou=school,o=orgname) seem to be able to mount their volumes login works as suggested.
    But, Staff cn=username,ou=staff,ou=school,o=orgname cannot even begin to mount their volume either by LDAP login to the X.3.9 machine or via a connect to server. They receive an error about an invalid username or password.
    It must be something with the OUs in edirectory and teh AFP volume, but what?



    Error on Staff only is as follows

    Login Failed

    Sorry, the password you entered is incorrect. Please reenter it.

    Students in the root ou are fine, staff are in a sub ou and they are the ones who get this error when trying to mount the volume from a connect to server.
    But, when logging in to the workstation LDAP actually authenticates the user and logs in. It just can’t find the Home directory. and gives an error when logged in (temp desktop created) that it can’t find the home directory. This is something specific with the sub OU.



    Anyone know about OSX causing high Utilization on the netware server? I saw the thing about the AFP memory leak, but I am not sure of that version? We have Netware 6.5 sp3. I pulled down a patch today for AFP, but it is crazy. The macs go so slow when connected to the netware server it is crazy. I am thinking about changing over to Home directory access via SMB instead of AFP.



    In a hurry but ran into this thread. We were having this problem, too. This solution fixed us, once I broke up my students into smaller directory groupings (i.e. A-D, E-G, etc.).




    Have a look for a piece of sotware called ‘Homes’ (www.hbware.com)
    This will allow you to change allsorts on users home dir’s including owership of files /folders.
    Hope this helps !

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