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    I’m looking for a solution to access to a firewall checkpoint from my local network. My powerbook is connected to my modem ADSL (a freebox) and my other computer is connected by ethernet.
    Only my powerbook need to access via VPN.
    – a direct connection (when I disable the router properties of my freebox) works well ;
    – if I active the router properties (my powerbook has the IP, web and mail works well on the two computers. Vaporsec seems ok, but no ping is possible to reach the remote network. It’s the same situation with IPSecuritas or VPN tracker (green check, but no ping).

    IP Lan:
    Serveur DHCP: Desactive
    Machine DMZ:
    Reponse au ping: Active

    IP forwarding:
    Port: 500 – Protocole: udp – Destination: – Port: 500
    Port: 500 – Protocole: tcp – Destination: – Port: 500
    Port: 264 – Protocole: tcp – Destination: – Port: 264
    Port: 265 – Protocole: tcp – Destination: – Port: 265
    Port: 266 – Protocole: tcp – Destination: – Port: 266
    Port: 3389 – Protocole: tcp – Destination: – Port: 3389
    Port: 9 – Protocole: udp – Destination: – Port: 9
    Port: 9 – Protocole: tcp – Destination: – Port: 9

    (I’m not sure of the port that I must use)

    Mode of operation : network to network
    Remote IP : ip of remote firewall
    Remote network : (mask
    Local network : (mask

    Any idea ?
    Thanks a lot in advance


    [QUOTE BY= MacTroll] Some routers don’t support IPSec and NAT. Have you checked the specs on your router?[/QUOTE]

    Thanks for your message. In fact, I dont”t know. Some people say yes (vpn passthrough), some other not. I send a mail a week ago to the hot-line, and the answer was : “the question is outside of our perimeter, visit this web site” (unfortunately, the web site don’t anwser at all to this question).
    Can I try some test to verify the capacities of this modem ?
    Thanks in advance.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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