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    Has anyone been able to set up a netscreen connection?

    I’ve been able to connect using VPN tracker, but no salt with VaporSec.



    I have a working Netscreen config.

    I followed the vpntracker netscreen config setup for my ns50.

    For the Vaporsec, the setup I used is…

    Main: Shared Secret (of course make sure it matches Netscreen)
    Local IP: my macs IP
    Mode: aggressive
    Nonce: 16

    Phase 1:
    Lifetime: 5 Minutes
    DH Group: 2
    Encryption: 3des
    Auth: sha1

    Phase 2
    Lifetime: 8 hours
    PFS Group: None
    Encryption: 3des
    Auth: hmac_sha1
    Local: [email protected]
    Remote: Address

    That was it! Easy as pie!

    (I notice that your post is a year old, and you have probably gone onto other things since then. But someone later might be looking for this info and this may help them out.)

    Thanks Guys!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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