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    Hi all,

    I have an ASR image that I’ve created for a machine, and have been attempting to get things to work via NetRestore. In particular, I’ve been attempting to replace the System.dmg file from the /Volumes/NetInstall/System/Installation/Packages/ folder with my existing image. Unfortunately, this has been giving me a lot more problems than others would lead you to believe. Theoretically, I should be able to simply replace the existing System.dmg with my disk image, and rename mine to match System.dmg, correct?

    After doing so, and netbooting my machine, I get the loading screen, then the Mac OS X Installer window. It prepares the setup, then where it would presumably be loading ASRInstall, it almost instantly jumps to Install Succeeded. The Installer.log file is completely useless, and the process leaves me with a disk partitioned and formatted per PartitionInfo.plist, and certainly no data.

    Any thoughts? The DMG is UDZO created via diskutil, not with InstaDMG, but has been scanned for restore.


    As a followup, I’m just going to assume that the difference is between a block-copy and file-copy DMG, and that I’ll have to do things the long way.


    I would NOT assume that you can simply replace System.dmg inside, since I expect that some details about System.dmg will be stored elswhere.

    Why would you mess with images this way?

    In System Image Utility (SIU) you can save a workflow, and run  it again with different settings.

    If you have a dmg file that can be restored, mount it by double clicking, and use that mounted volume as a source for SIU netrestore set.

    If you want more flexibility than SIU provides, I would recommend to look into DeployStudio. On their website is some good documentation how to set that up: http://www.deploystudio.com/Doc/Doc.html



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