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    I’ve put together a nice little mysql database tool (CLI) that I wanted to submit as an article here and when I tried to upload the installer package (in .tgz format) the site gave a couple of errors and refused to accept the file.

    The utility is a basic script that reads a filename.sql file to determine a course of action, it is configurable for defaults, has built in help and also includes a man page.

    Next addition is a shebang line feature so it can be called from a script file like php is called but with:
    # some mysql code

    Another feature to add is an explore feature for existing databases which shouldn’t be too difficult to implement.

    I realize there are many application and other web-based utilities but this tool is just as powerfull and should not be under estimated.

    — Dale

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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