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    Hi Guys,

    Have got so close to making this work, it seems crazy that the last step isn’t there!!

    I’ve archived the Open Directory from my 10.5 server, then restored the db into the new Open Directory in 10.8 using terminal. If I now go into Directory Utility, I can see all my users, with groups, computers, passwords, Home Folder location all preserved. The issue is accessing that information from the ‘Users’ Pane of the server app. It can see all the users from the OD, but none of the associated information is with it. They’re listed as ‘Local Network Users’, and all the options (such as name, Home Location (defaulted to ‘Local Only) are all greyed out so I can’t edit them).

    Surely there must be a way of syncing those two databases up now?! The information is right there!!


    Coincidently, I also can’t get any of my clients to log onto the accounts on the server since the upgrades, but that’s a different post!



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