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    this is a direct question for GregN who published a very useful article of the same name on his blog, referenced here in the past:
    Which ends with a comment that “it might be fixed in 10.5.6”, well we are into 10.5.7 and no further comments or answers.
    I just recently noticed, though I have not changed my MCX settings in some time, that the “require password…” check box is no longer grayed out, though the password continues to be required regardless of being checked or not.
    Is this caused by the workaround no longer being necessary? Has apple fixed the ‘issue’?
    Id rather find out from someone who has checked before I start messing with my MCX settings and screw it all up again.

    Greg Neagle

    I don’t know if it’s fixed or not. I’m still managing Screen Saver the way I described in the blog article, and for me, the “require password” checkbox is still grayed out.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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