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    Hello all, and happy holidays!!

    I am having issues with the setup of an Xsan controller…

    A brief description of the problem and overview of the physical setup.

    Promise V-trak with 8×1 TB drives. Partitioned with two drives as a raid 1 METADATA drive and 6 drives as raid 5 MEDIA and storage/ distributive rendering arena.

    A Q-Logic fiber switch with two fiber links to the V-trak and one to each MacPros’ Fibre card.

    Each Mac has a connection to our network via Ethernet and so does the V-trak… simply for metadata traffic and VTRAK admin.

    The problem is, after establishing my LUN/slices/etc, and install Xsan 2 on my controller… attempt to add LUN’s, no LUN’s where found to assign as video or volumes.

    After some attempts to get the unit working I connected the second port of each Mac to a hub and the V-trak also and used the 2nd NIC as the primary controller traffic….Assigned 10.1.10.X to all three devices. Ideally this would be the metadata Ethernet network.

    Still as I loaded up the Xsan 2 software, no LUN’s where found despite NIC card…

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled Xsan 2, many times in order to get the LUN to show… no joy :-< FYI: The two partitions are visible on both Macs pre Xsan deployment...

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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