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    Brett K.

    [b]Job Title:[/b] Systems Administrator

    [b]Skills:[/b] Mac OS X Server (Apache, Postfix, Cyrus, BIND, AFP), Mac OS X Client and built-in applications, Apple Hardware, MS Office, Unix, Cisco IOS, 4D, PostgreSQL Database, TCP/IP Ethernet Networking & Routing

    [b]Job Description:[/b] Bristol Capital, Inc., a telecommunications consulting company in Montvale, NJ is looking for a systems administrator with Macintosh technology proficiency to manage the internal technological functions of the company. The position includes planning, implementing and testing technology upgrades and new deployments to support a staff of 15-20 employees, 30+ computers, printers and networking gear. General employee technology support of common desktop applications and concepts required.

    With both major long term goals and daily maintenance and support needs, we are looking for a full-time on-location employee with an exceptional degree of responsibility, organization, and personality.

    [b]Experience Required:[/b] 2 or more years of IT responsibility in a corporate environment. Extensive experience with Mac OS X Client, Mac OS X Server, common business applications and general networking concepts. Independent troubleshooting and resolution skills. Programming skills a plus. For larger tasks, must excel at managing long term projects.

    [b]Salary:[/b] $60k – $80k based on experience

    Please contact [b][email protected][/b] with a resume if interested.



    has the position been filled? I saw this as recent of this year and was wondering what the status was.



    [QUOTE][u]Quote by: Simple1[/u][p]has the position been filled? I saw this as recent of this year and was wondering what the status was.[/p][/QUOTE]

    I agreed with you. Thanks for all. I have got some my ideals.

    Tks again and pls keep posting.

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