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    Hi Everyone

    I have been tearing my hair out for about 3 weeks now trying to find an answer online and from what I have read, this is the forum to find the answer so here goes.

    We have recently purchased a suite of macs to use in our music tech classroom.  I have bound them to the Active Directory, staff and students are logging on using their AD credentials.  They are also bound to an OD server which is used to manage the limited amount of preferences this offers in Workgroup manager.  NO student data can be stored on this server everything is stored in their Windows Network Folder.

    What I want is for the contents of the default user template folder  (English.lproj) to be copied to their Windows Network Home NOT locally.  I have tested this by manually copying the contents and the mac performs just how I want it but I need this to be copied automatically on the first login.

    I have absolutely no knowledge of login scripts or where to begin writing one but from what I have read this seems to be the only way of achieving this so if anyone has one an can guide me through updating it to our settings that would be mega!.

    If anyone out there can help me with this you will be my hero, I was given this job by our “Windows Only” IT department because they knew I was a “Mac Fan”.  I have literally learned all this from scratch over the last 3 weeks and this is the last hurdle before I can roll it out to he department.

    Kindest Regards



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