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    Hi everybody,

    Just wanted to ask a quick question.

    We have two osx severs running 10.5.8, one of the servers is a ODMASTER and the other server is carrying the apple software update service. It is currently having no problems downloading updates from the net and then serving the updates to the workstations which are managed by WGM.

    We would like the OSX servers to also utilise the apple updates that are stored locally via the apple software update service.

    What would would be the best course of action,

    1. Use WGM and place the servers into a computer group and from there use the software updates managed prefs to set the servers to download form the OSX server that is carrying the apple software update service.

    2. Use a third party application (like machelpmate etc) to set the destination update server to the local server carrying the apple software update service.

    Potential problems…
    We have found with option one that if we place both servers, the one carrying the Open Directory service and the second server carrying the apple software update service, everything works swimmingly for ODMASTER, it grabs all the updates from local update server.

    BUT the server carrying the apple software update service when set to download updates from itself via the managed prefs it can successfully find new updates in its local store and download them BUT IT BREAKS the apple software update service, we think that the service is no longer able to contact apple and see if there are new updates because its actually trying to check itself which of course will never find any new updates.

    (BTW we could be wrong about the above issue.)

    To summarise, what is the recommended best practice to update multiple servers from a local update store and is there anyway to set the actual server storing the updates to update from itself. So the only time updates are downloaded are once via the apple SUS service and then the servers contact the local apple software update server to grab them.

    Saving us plenty of costs in bandwidth.

    Thank you for reading this far


    I use the utility “Software Update Enabler 2.0” ([url]http://www.allocinit.net/apps/suenabler/[/url]) to set the update server on all of my Macs, including my servers. What I found is that you can point the update server to itself as long as you use the FQDN of the machine. Don’t use localhost in the URL. My URL is the same on the server providing updates as it is on all of the clients. All machines point to:


    Hope this helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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