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    Does anyone have, or know of, a list of known good hardware VPN gateways that work in Mac OS 10.2 land?

    Thanks in advance.


    Thanks, I’ll take a look. Have you heard anything about the DLink products?


    While not quite a hardware VPN gateway in the sense of no moving parts, I did set up (yet another) Linux-based solution a few nights ago as my home router started to go on the blink.

    While I have been dabbling with several different alternatives in the past, I decided to try out [b:7e62e51012][url=http://www.smoothwall.org]SmoothWall[/url][/b:7e62e51012] to see if the product they offered was any good.

    Breaking out my trusty test PC, I stuffed in an extra NIC, downloaded the 21MB ISO file, and within 20 minutes, I was configuring my new gateway for my local home network. Note that initial configuration of what network card is used for what network segment is done on the PC itself, but everything else is done 100% through browser.

    While not as complex and possibly not as full-featured as Mandrake Linux’s MNF product, this one is free, very straightforward, and easy to manage. It offers the following features:

    – firewalling (duh)
    – DHCP server
    – SSH access and configuration
    – IDS (snort)
    – VPN (IPSec)
    – browser-based updates to the system

    I’m going to try and see how to get an IPsec tunnel up and running between my home network and work server. Already got a firewall on the work end but I should be able to rip open a hole to let the necessary traffic through for test purposes.

    Check it out. After all, no sense in wasting a Mac to do the job a low-end PC/Linux combo can do…



    I ended up actually using a branch of Smoothwall called [b:7e62e51012][url=http://www.ipcop.org]IPCop[/url][/b:7e62e51012] as it seemed to be a bit more refined and the interface better laid out. More or less the same functionality except with an updated kernel, support for PPTP, and upgraded DHCP server functionality (ability to assign static leases).

    [quote:7e62e51012=”Soundbytes”]Does anyone have, or know of, a list of known good hardware VPN gateways that work in Mac OS 10.2 land?

    Thanks in advance.[/quote:7e62e51012]


    This may not be 100% relevant as Netopia don’t market any of their products as specific VPN boxes but a good section of their router range includes IPSec (and PPTP) VPN termination. We have a whole bunch of resellers in the UK who use products like the R9100 and R910 ethernet routers pretty much as VPN only boxes.



    I noticed that folks had success with vaporsec on macosx. I am desperately trying to set this up and consistently failing.

    I am trying to get this to work with entrust certificate that has been exported in p12 format and have imported it via the vaporsec gui – still no connection – when I do connect, I am not able to get to anything behind the firewall.

    can someone please please help me out?

    thank you

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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