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    I have been a long time lurker and now I have decided to join your forum. My name is Tom, and I live and work in Kansas City. I work in the TIS department for the KCK public school system. We just got done deploying a 1:1 macbook to student ratio. That is right, every high school student has a macbook. How nice it is to be a kid in high school these days.

    I have an Apple/Novell/Microsoft/Linux background. I know, I know, that sounds like I know a lot, but I assure all of you I still have plenty to learn. My previous job was a novell shop, so that is where i got a lot of my experience with that. I have always tinkered with Linux since about 1999 or so, and I became a Mac tech by default about 8 years ago. At my job 8 years ago, our mac tech quit, my boss told me I was learning macs and was going to now repair them. I asked if I was getting a raise for the added responsibility and he said, no, we support everything now, everyone has to learn this. So, I learned macs, and didn’t honestly really like OS X till about 10.2 era. Of course everyone who works in IT knows windows, because its everywhere.

    Right now we have 6000+ users in our ODM which is replicated out to 5 ODRs. Almost all of our users are macbook users, so we have the home directory fully sync on the machines locally, but they are network accounts. My organization bought a site license to Casper Suite. For the last month I have been playing around with that, and really like it a lot. I hope once I learn the full ins and outs I can bring some knowledge of Casper to others.

    Now that I am helping run 18 or so xserves, and supporting 5500ish macbooks plus many apple desktops I figured I would come over here and become more acquainted with the user group here. I have used ideas from these forums for a while now, and figured now that I am working in pretty much a 100% mac enterprise environment I may need some help figuring some things out, and of course would like to contribute at the same time. I am a long time member of OSXhints.com so I may or may not seem familiar to some of you. We do also run a Novell back end which is completely separate from the Macs at this point, with the exception of some AFP shares the novell servers run. I would like to implement iPrint on the Macs eventually though, because I don’t really like Apple’s print server.

    Anyway, just introducing myself and saying hello. Figure this is a great place for resources on what I do so I figured I would join.



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