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    We’re currently running a MacPro Server with 10.7.4. It’s bound to AD as an OD master and we’re using AD groups for the folder permissions. At first, the permissions work fine using single sign-on and users had access to their folders. A day later, the access to the folders changed to read-only but users could still connect with their credentials. Proper-gating permissions sometimes fixes it but not always. What ends up happening later, is that we have to add “domain users” to the folder permissions with “read+write” access and then that fixes it.

    Has anyone run into a similar problem? We’ve already moved the folder structure down 4 levels from root and sometimes it works but then the next day, you’re back to “read-only”. We want to avoid using “Domain Users” for the permissions and would like to keep it within the AD group level.

    Any help or suggestions are welcomed.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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