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    We’re setting up a new SAN, DataCore SAN Symphony V, and hoping to utilize a multipath connection via fibre channel from our Xserve. Currently the Xserve is running v10.5.x but will be upgrading to v10.6 soon. We’ve created a 200GB test virtual disk on the SAN but it shows up as four separate 200GB virtual disks in Disk Utility on the Xserve. We were hoping to capitalize on the built-in multipath support in OS X for this functionality but it doesn’t seem to be doing what we expect. Both the OS X and the DataCore implementation of support for multipathing are “target device” based so we were hoping this would “just work”.

    Are we doing something wrong, or missing some info? Would the upgrade to v10.6 make any difference? Are we off our rockers?

    Anyone with experience or thoughts care to share? Thanks.


    What HBA are you using on the Xserve?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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