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    I have a client who is installing a new XSAN. They will have their XSAN clients( 2 so far) in an edit suite on one floor and the XSAN system almost directly below them on another floor in the server room. What type of premise fiber wiring should a wiring contractor install to link the two?



    This is a bit of slow response. I’m not sure if it’s too late to be of any use to you.

    The copper cables have distance limitation that sould like they would be too short for you. You’ll probably need to look at fiberGoing from the specs of the fibre GBICs supported you want to use 50/125 Multi-Mode Fiber. Single Mode will be for really long runs which doesn’t seem like it applies in your case. From the fiber drops we’ve had run at work there’s not much difference between 6 and 2 strand cable itself. The labor to fish the cables can be costly unless theres some conduit in place for it so we always run the higher strand count cables on any new drops we need. I don’t recall what the cable’s official name was but it’s got a stiff plastic sheathing on the outside. with the 6 strands packed inside with some filler cord material something synthetic I think. We usually have our maintence guys pull the cable and have someone else terminate them since it requires some special tools and the knowledge of how to use those tools.

    This is lifted from the Apple specs page:

    Supported SFP Types
    4Gb Short-Haul Transceiver (supports up to 500m with 50/125 m MMF)
    Finisar FTLF-8524-P2BNL
    Finisar FTLF-8524-P2BNL-LS
    2Gb Short-Haul Transceiver (supports up to 500m with 50/125 m MMF)
    Finisar FTRJ-8519-P1BNL
    Pico Light PL-XPL-VE-S24-11
    Pico Light PL-XPL-VC-S23-11
    JDS Uniphase JSM-21S0AA1
    JDS Uniphase JSP-21S0AA1
    JDS Uniphase JDS-42S4AA1
    2Gb Long-Haul Transceiver (supports up to 10km with 9/125 m SMF)
    Finisar FTRJ-1319-P1BTL

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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