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    ‘m trying to grapple the complexities of DNS and specifically setting DNS properly with OS X server so any advice I can get – I truly appreciate…here’s my situation:

    my internet connection:

    ISP provides a dynamic IP

    my domain name: 4example.com

    I currently have a domain name registered with dyndns.com – “4example.com”
    I use their client IP update application(on my home server) to send my dynamic public IP to their name servers.
    I also use their ‘Custom DNS’ service in which they handle my domain name resolution.
    In my DNS settings on dyndns.com there is a CNAME record: http://www.4example.com which points to 4example.com
    I also manually added an A record: server.4example.com and an MX record mail.4example.com
    My 1st question: initially setting DNS names on my home Snow Leopard server

    Should I set the Primary DNS Name as “4example.com” because thats the domain name I registered with dyndns or make it “server.4example.com”, because DNS in Server Admin needs (I think) a FQDN?

    in a past server setup I’ve tried server.4example.com” as the primary but I cannot access my site www. 4example.com also email for my users is [email protected]

    Ultimately I want:

    -for email service, users will have the email address – [email protected]

    -for web service hosting these sites:
    4example.com – this will be just the main website
    server.4example.com – this site will be the Mac OS X server default site, the one that users to access their webmail, wiki, blogs, etc

    Any help you can provide in placing the correct names in the services (DNS, web, email) would really help.

    I hope this is all clear. Big Thanks!


    Can anyone help?


    I have no idea what kind of control dyndns gives you over your zone file, but this would probably be a lot easier if you stopped using their nameservers and made yourself the SOA.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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