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    I installed exim according to the directions on AFP548 (from source, not using the installer). I’m still using AppleMailServer for IMAP and POP.

    I set up exim to deliver mail to /var/mail/$local_part using the append method, etc, as outlined in the directions.

    Exim works perfectly. I can send mail using authenticated SMTP, relays are rejected correctly, external mail is accepted correctly, and so on. If I send mail from an outside account, it shows up in /var/mail/$local_part almost instantly. (That is, “tail -n 25 /var/mail/” shows the message within seconds).

    So that’s working fine.

    The strange thing is in accessing the mail via IMAP. The messages _do_ show up. They just show up an hour or two later. It seems to me that they should either 1.) not show up at all or 2.) show up immediately.

    So, my basic question is how do I make the delay go away? The mail setup is going to be used primarily for internal mail, and so promptness is a virtue. Should I change the setup of the AppleMailServer SMTP module (currently set to “Use another MTA” or whatever that option is called)? What’s the best way to do this?

    The server is an XServe running Jaguar server 10.2.2. Exim is configured with all of the goodies (SpamAssassin and the virus checker). As I said, Exim is working correctly, it’s just the delivery to my AppleMailServer IMAP box that’s delayed….

    (I know this isn’t really an OS X Server help forum…but since y’all dudes seem to know the most about getting Exim setup on Jaguar, I figured I’d ask here).


    Ian Marlier

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