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    I am able to connect to my home machine from my work machine via command line ssh. By tailing the sytem.log I can see that Vapor is also connecting successfully, but then the connection is terminated as seen in the error message quoted below:

    Aug 14 08:39:55 localhost sshd[381]: Accepted password for (username) from (workipaddress) port 27602 ssh2
    Aug 14 08:40:00 localhost sshd[381]: error: getsockopt TCP_NODELAY: Connection reset by peer

    Vapor reports: Doh! An error has occured. You probably picked the wrong volume on the server.

    I have tried all of the mount points on the server, and have verified that the appleshare username and password is correct. I have increased the ssh timeout to 40 seconds and the finder timeout all the way up to 120 seconds to no avail. Is this error popup a catchall for any remote termination error? Or, is there any way to get more feedback from the connection (maybe a verbose logger window) to troubleshoot this further? I get the feeling I am overlooking something obvious, but can’t figure it out…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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