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    I have a time capsule offering DHCP over a wireless network with WPA2 security. I allowed the wireless netowrk to be extended and extended it with an Airpotrt Express (which does not ofer DHCP and that I use as an additional access point and/or to stream music via Airplay.

    So far so good.

    Now I am enabling Radius security in Lion Server which successfully programs the time capsule but it breaks the link with the Airport Express. In Server Admin it is possible to add multiple base stations but the ability to extend the network between my to base stations is lost (apparently). It appears I can either end up with two DHCP base stations and no airplay, or no Radius at all (current configuration).

    Has anybody managed to succesfully deploy Radius security AND allow the wireless network to be extended to an airport express as a second access point?

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