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    How about an article on what web stats program is better and instructions on how to build for 10.3?


    I’ll second this. Smile


    I’d be very interested in seeing a good how-to on installing and configuring awstats for multiple domains, and how to properly secure it. I have a little trouble following the docs from awstats.com.


    Still hoping for that awstats “how-to”. Please please please… Big Grin


    I’ll throw in a “third.” Tried installing awstats the other night and gave up after about three hours. A unix expert I’m not, but man, those are some convoluted directions….


    Count me in on wanting to see a good How-To for AWStats. All I have been able to do so far is give myself a headache. Thankfully it has only been on a test server.


    I’ve taken over the amavis-stats project since Nark Lawrence has given up on it.

    I’m currently rewriting some functions and adding features to make it a more demanded and reliable mail stats program.

    I’ve looked at parselog and while it does some nice graphs, it’s output for mail is bland in comparison.

    The new amavis-stats app now has the ability to create and delete cron entries in 10.3.x and create/delete launchd plist files in 10.4.x

    I’ve updated the php web page to make use of graphic tabs (auto-generated using GD).

    As well, multiple hostname support now works properly and the issue of rotated logs that are gzip are now supported.

    To get a general idea of some of the improvements, you can check out my sample server to get an idea of what it now looks like.

    Of course this isn’t publicly available for downloading so clicking on the link wont get you the program, you’ll have to wait for the publick release which should be in about a week or less.

    As well, for those interested.

    I’ve created an application that installs clamav, amavisd-new, gmp (BerkeleyDB for Panther) and all of the required cpan modules for the latest version of amavisd-new, add enhanced mail headers, configure amavisd-new, configure clamav and for those Panther users, the install is 100% Apple compliant, if you installed from my previous article, it corrects this, if you’re users/groups are not Apple compliant, they are corrected. Panther users get 100% the same functionality right down to the learning junkmail options and the only differences between the installs is the OS version.

    I create a configure/Makefile for the configuring/installation of amavisd-new and those who have beta tested the process are impressed that they don’t have to track down any of the software as it is all downloaded, configured and installed at the press of a key.

    — Dale


    Hmm – I found this thread while looking for a tutorial about how to get awstats running with my Tiger server, so I am also seconding (thirdning or whatever Smile the request for som hints as how to get it up and running.

    I’ll give it a shoot myself soon

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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