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    I am on my way to get the ACSA certification. I have scheduled the first exam for September 29th.
    There’s no way I can get Apple training in Romania, so I’ll have to learn everything the hard way. I’ve done it successfully for ACHDS and ACTC so far. Any suggestions for the ACSA exams?



    One option might be to join the Apple Consultant’s Network and order the course books through Sales Web. This is an ideal solution for people living in countries where there is no classes and it’s not really financially feasible to fly to the US or Australia for a couple weeks of training.


    Thank you for your answer. It is a good ideea indeed, but I need a social security number in order to join the ACN… Frown As a romanian citizen, living in Europe, there is no way I can join the ACN…


    With an ACHDS and/or an ACTC, you should be able to join the Apple Certification Alliance, which will give you access to Apple Sales Web, which will give you access to the official training materials.

    OR, you can wait until the Peachpit book on Server Administration is released next month, which is supposed to cover all of the ACSA topics…


    You can only join the Alliance with a 10.3 or higher cert, I have ACTC 10.2, I’d love to have access to the books to get the ACSA 10.4, the classes are too expensive.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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