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    Hi Guys

    Just stumbled across this fantastic forum, was just wondering if anyone could give me a little advice

    12 months ago i had never even seen a Mac never mind fixed one, i then started a new job after passing a few Microsoft tests, the place im working now (for past 12 months) has mainly PC’s but some Apple Macs and im now a Mac convert, i got a Mini Mac last year and now love it ALOT

    Anyway last week i went on the 3 day course from Apple for the ACHDS certification, i now want to do this test and move along the Apple support route with regards my career

    I would just like to know really firstly are their good prospects for Apple support and secondly what is the ACHDS exam like, with 12 months exp do i stand a decent chance of passing

    Thanks guy for your help in advance



    I’ve taken the ACHDS exam, and I’d say that if you have a good familiarity with the day-to-day use of your Mac, you’ve got a very good chance of passing the exam. It’s multiple choice and it’s not very hard, in my opinion.

    As for future prospects… I’ve gone on to get my ACTC certification and it hasn’t meant anything to me professionally. I like having it, but it seems (at least in my area) that Mac-related jobs are mostly sales and break-fix, and much less IT or more sophisticated pursuits.


    Many Thanks for your reply Aaron

    Yer does seem a little “stright forward” and has a much lower pass rate then most other IT related qualifications, ive been working with Mac’s now for 12 months so am going to give it a shot and see what happens

    Im based in the UK and looking on the net their doesnt really seem a large demand for Apple related positions but im looking at maybe starting my own business as their must be broken Mac’s out their somewere lol !!

    Any feedback about job prospects would be great thought guys



    I have done my ACHDS and am now taking my ACDT and ACTC next week.
    I would say you have a good chance at passing if you can handle the day to day stuff. You have to make sure you have a decent handle on Open Directory (also for the ACTC as well), which I am not terribly good at!
    Regarding Apple based employment – I have found a lot of positions open recently, you just have to know where to look!
    Try going to online agencies, such as reed.co.uk, there are quite a few positions there…
    Good Luck!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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