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    How about one on the new Tiger certificate assistant, I can’t figure it out. I mean I can follow the directions but it doesn’t do what I expect it to do, and I get errors.

    How about an update for the Kerberos article for Tiger. When I set up Tiger Server it “kerberized” successfully, but I still get all sorts of errors when trying to authenticate via Kerberos (forum post and mac-osx-server list message to follow) I’ve got to figure out exactly what to ask and how to say it so that Mr. Shoop doesn’t ignore my questions and spend all his time belittling my ability to ask for help.

    Also like to see one on making L2TP successfully work with Tiger’s GUI tools and if you can’t do it totally GUI explain exactly what else needs to be done. I just get logs full of errors and never connect.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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