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Migrating OS X 10.6 Wiki to OS X 10.8 without Directory Data

Justin Rummel has an article showing how to migrate a wiki from 10.6 to 10.8 if you are missing the directory data.  This could be handy if you only had the wiki data backed up.  Check it out over on his blog. Nate WalckNate is a Systems Reliability Engineer at […]

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Custom NetBoot Set Model Filters

Hardware filtering has been around for a while with the NetBoot service, but until recently you could get away one or perhaps two NetBoot sets to cover a whole range of models.  With Lion and Mountain Lion, the compatibility breakdown became a lot more complicated where some Intel Macs were […]

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Caching Service on 10.8 Server

On the newest version of (2.2) there is a new service called Caching.  Clearly it is for caching things, but what exactly and how? Get a first look at this new service over at Noel Alonso’s blog. Nate WalckNate is a Systems Reliability Engineer at Dropbox, Inc in San Francisco, […]

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Profile Manager 2

With the release of OS X 10.8 Server came an updated version of Profile Manager.  If you did not dive into Profile Manager on 10.7 Server, then now is the time to get going with some form of MDM.  Having a MDM solution will be necessary going forward.  Whether this […]

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NetBoot on 10.8 Server

Charles Edge has been doing a series of post on OS X Mountain Lion Server and one of today’s topics was of interest for those of us that do image deployments.  The NetBoot service has been around for quite a while and hadn’t changed a whole lot in appearance.  As […]

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Alerts on 10.8 Server

Even though on 10.8 Server seems more simplified than prior versions of OS X server, there are features which have been expanded upon and made better.  Alerts is one such feature.  In the past, what you could get alerts on was somewhat limited, but in 10.8 Server this has […]

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