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NetBoot on 10.8 Server

Charles Edge has been doing a series of post on OS X Mountain Lion Server and one of today’s topics was of interest for those of us that do image deployments.  The NetBoot service has been around for quite a while and hadn’t changed a whole lot in appearance.  As […]

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Garageband Deployment Quick Tip

Garageband Deployment Quick Tip

As discovered by @tvsutton and reported on ##osx-server IRC, the Mac App Store version of Garageband’s assets (which are downloaded on first-launch, all 1.57GBs…) can be fetched in advance: This makes it easier to deploy, since it is a standard package for content found outside of the .app bundle […]

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Alerts on 10.8 Server

Even though on 10.8 Server seems more simplified than prior versions of OS X server, there are features which have been expanded upon and made better.  Alerts is one such feature.  In the past, what you could get alerts on was somewhat limited, but in 10.8 Server this has […]

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Strange AFP/SMB Connection issues? Check this out.

Rich Trouton and Peter Bukowinski ran into an odd issue on some of their machines.  They would time out while trying to connect to a SMB or AFP share with a known good Username/Pass.  The problem?  iDisk. The machines would try to connect to iDisk even if the share was […]

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New 10.8 Unix Commands

With OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion came some new Unix commands that are very handy.  Among them is pgrep and pkill, which rolls grep into the ps command so you no longer have to pipe ps to grep in order to find a running process.  pkill does the same thing, […]

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Upgrading to 10.8 Server

Now that OS X and OS X Server both use the same base OS, many people have been asking what the upgrade path looks like to go from 10.6.x or 10.7.x to 10.8.x Server.  Charles Edge has a guide on exactly how to do so.  His guide very thorough and […]

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Never “Image” a machine again

Greg Neagle has a great post outlining the benefits of installing OS X instead of applying an image.  This method is great because you can use one installer in various scenarios and prevents you from doing the same work over and over again. Greg released an tool called createOSXinstallPKG on […]

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Upgrading from 10.7 to 10.8 on a FV2 encrypted system

FileVault 2 was a great advancement for encryption on Mac OS X.  It allowed for full disk encryption without the use of a third party product, as well as management using the system keychain or via a tool such as cauliflower vest. One might ask “So how exactly do you […]

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