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Cyrus IMAP Mailbox Recovery

I’ve occasionally encountered IMAP mailboxes that were unreadable and undeletable
using any mail client. In Mac OS X Mail, this usually produces an “Unable to Select” error.

Here’s how to fix the server-side mailbox. At the bottom is a bonus: how to recover the locally cached .imapmbox file from Mail.

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AD-OD Integration Whitepaper – Updated

A detailed overview of how to integrate OS X clients into an Active Directory environment while still retaining the ability to manage the clients with the OS X Server tools.

Now up to version 1.4. Lots of changes including a section on troubleshooting. Grab the AD Integration pdf here.

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Cyrus Squatter for OS X Server

Squatter indexes Cyrus mailboxes for faster searching

The version Apple includes in OS X Server is a bit busted so download it here.

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Ktrace – the admin\’s secret little helper

Find out everything about any process on your box.

Use ktrace to trace kernel activity for any process.

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Installing Much Needed Developer Tools Remotely

MacTroll has been very good about posting helpful tutorials for the installation of various unix-type tools and plugins for OSX Server. However, many of you might find (as I have) that attempted unix installs sometimes just don’t work (usually with a returned error like "no c-compiler found" or the like). This is because Apple has kindly left out a bunch of unix stuff from the base install, including the all-important gcc compiler for installing/compiling unix software. For those of us lucky enough to have physical access to the problematic server, it’s easy to pop in the Developer Tools CD and install Developer Tools.mpkg by double-clicking. However, I recently found myself needing to install some unix stuff, and had neither Developer Tools nor physical access to the server. So here’s what I did.

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A True Tale of an Xserve install

Notes of the install process for the new AFP548 Xserve

A discussion of some best practices for installing servers. Specifically those bound for co-locations facilities, but good ideas for any install.

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Disk Imaging for Mac OS X Made Easy

They slice! They Dice! Disk images have become an invaluable tool for Mac admins everywhere. Read on to find out more.

(Minor updates for item removal. 4/15/2005)

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Tiger Server Preview

An overview of upcoming Tiger Server features

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Updated Spam/Virus controls with OS X Server

Amavisd/ClamAV/SpamAssassin with OS X Server 10.3.3

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The great big Panther SSL article.

Everything you’ll need to know about setting up SSL on Panther Server

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