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Mobile Accounts for students

 Ed. Note: This is a fairly common question that we get. Sizing is always a pain, especially when you're moving into a new setup. So if you have any wisdom on the matter, please post in the comments.

We are a K-12 school (K-8 at one site and 6-12 at the other) that is using a Mac Pro at each site to house home folders as well as run OD

My first question is this:  Should one server be handling both of these tasks?  If not, is there a economical way to change this.  I ask because when a class atempts to logon, there is a serious bottle-neck!  To eliminate this at one site, I made the older students (that have larger home folders) mobile with assigned seating in the lab of iMacs.  This seems to have solved the speed issue and I'd like to try something similar at the other site which has a laptop cart of macbooks as its lab. 

So here's the second question: How many accounts can live on a single workstation and work well?

Any help you could offer would be great!

Server & Clients 10.5.6


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