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Grokking Darwin ACLs

I have to admit, when I first heard that Apple was adding ACLs to the next version of OS X, I got a pretty nasty lump in my throat and ordered another pint of ale. I was first introduced to ACLs in DFS on AIX and I still have nightmares and flashbacks of files which can’t be deleted by root and will forever remain on the disk until the next newfs. After reading through Apple’s new File Services manual however, I’ve learned to stop fearing and start loving the ACL. Apple’s implementation of ACLs on Darwin is actually very intuitive and makes a whole lot of sense.

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rsync Backups on OS X

Clones across the network

With a little bit of work you can have rsync cloning a primary server to a backup server. If the primary server ever fails, all you have to do is reboot the backup from the cloned system and away you go.

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