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Installing AWStats on 10.4 Server

Keeping logs of all your traffic

Although we’ve mentioned AWStats a number of times before, we’ve never really gotten into how to set it up. While this isn’t exceptionally hard, it’s nice to have someone go there before you if it’s your first time out. So, here’s a rundown of installing AWStats on OS X Server 10.4.

Take special note of step 16 which tells you to create a web realm for your AWStats install. Otherwise you stand a good chance of getting bitten by some of the AWStats exploits that crop up from time to time. The Apple documentation on this should make it quite easy for you to set up the realm.

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Squid Server using LDAP authentication

Add more control to your Squid proxy server by adding LDAP authentication

Using plugable authentication modules and Open Directory you can easily limit who is able to surf the web.

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Using OS X Open Directory to authenticate Squid Proxy Server

How to get Squid on another machine to authenticate to an Open Directory LDAP server.

While this example shows how to do this with a Red Hat box, the process is pretty much the same for any Unix/Linux.

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