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libsrvrmgrd-osx 0.6.2 Released

A new release of my monitoring plugin for Nagios (and compatible) monitoring solutions is available. This version includes some added hardware monitoring for HDD, Memory & CPU Usage. There are many bug fixes which clean up a lot of the (null) and 404 errors that were occurring when run from a OSX monitoring server.

 You can down load it from

To get usage instructions just run the plugin from within a terminal with no arguments. Please get stuck in and log bugs/feature requests! 🙂


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Monitoring Server Admin With Nagios Updated

A new release of libsrvrmgrd-osx is out which now includes Nagios plugins to monitor and restart (in the event of failure) the following services:

  • AFP
  • DHCP
  • Directory Services
  • DNS
  • FTP
  • Jabber
  • Mail
  • MySQL
  • NAT
  • Netboot
  • NFS
  • Print
  • Quicktime Streaming Server
  • Software Update
  • Web

 There is basic installation instructions available at the main website, when used in combination with the excellent guide by Gary Larizza it should hopefully be fairly straight forward to install. Any comments, suggestions or bugs would be very welcome.

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