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AutoDMG, a modern replacement for InstaDMG

At MacSysAdmin 2013, Per Olofsson started work on InstallESDtoDMG, a replacement for InstaDMG.  The first prototype was on a piece of paper:

Per was having trouble with InstaDMG and the then-current Developer Preview of Mavericks, and decided to write a modern replacement with a nice GUI, to work with OS X Lion and later.  InstaDMG did work with Lion and Mountain Lion, but it has been getting very long in the tooth and was in need of replacement.  Allister Banks has done a good job of maintaining the code, but it was meant to work with DVD installers, not modern InstallESDs.

Now, Per has renamed the project AutoDMG, and it appears to be a worthy replacement for InstaDMG.  It will support Apple updates, as well as additional packages.

For those still reliant on a monolithic workflow, or just wanting a vanilla image, AutoDMG is a great option to consider.  The drag-and-drop GUI makes it simple to use, and it took just a couple of minutes to create vanilla image on my SSD-equipped MacBook Pro.

Check out AutoDMG on Github!

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