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JAMF Nation User Conference 2013 (Day 1)

If you’ve been following the #JNUC twitter hashtag you’ll know that the first morning of the 2013 JNUC has been a busy one! Chip Pearson, CEO and Managing Director of JAMF Software, started off the morning with a captivating keynote. This is my 3rd year attending the JNUC and in that time the attendance has gone from 300 to 1100 administrators here. The wealth of information in this building is astounding! The other really interesting statistic that Chip highlighted for us all is how many Macs and iPads have been sold exclusively into education and enterprise in the last few years – and with this how many new jobs for Mac (or iOS) Sys Admins have been created! There’s going to be a lot of new faces appearing in the coming years and JAMF certainly wants to strengthen the community and lower the learning curve for them. Big props out to Ben Toms, Don Montalvo and Mike Morales – they’re now proud owners of the highly coveted JAMF Hoodie for their contribution to the JAMFNation community. Speaking of community, JAMF introduced a couple more things in the keynote that really are going to benefit the Mac community – things like the JAMF Device Reuse Program and their support for charities like Girls Who Code is great to hear about. More details about these programs will be appearing on the JAMF website soon. The JAMF staff are actively blogging about each and every session – you can see them appearing on their site. The session videos will also be posted for every session a few weeks after the conference – we’ll be sure to post a link to those here when they appear.


Andrina Kelly is responsible for anything and everything touched by, or connected to, a Mac at Bell Media, Canada's premiere multimedia company. You may recognize her name from the end credits of Canada's evening news broadcast. She has previously spoken at MacSysAdmin, JAMF National Users Conference, Apple's WWDC, Macworld IT conferences, Mac Networkers Retreat, and Canada MacExpo.

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