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OS X Mavericks Core Technologies Overview

Apple has posted a document highlighting the core technologies of OS X Mavericks, which includes some changes from Mountain Lion.

Among the new features is a change to the default file sharing protocol from AFP to SMB2.  OS X has long supported SMB, but AFP has remained the default.  AFP will still work, but with SMB2 now being the default protocol, interoperability in Windows environments should be much better than before.

It appears from the document that Time Machine, including to Time Capsules, will still be over AFP.

Coming to OS X Server in Mavericks will be Caching Server 2, which promises to speed up not just App Store downloads, but also iOS updates and iTunes.

Profile Manager also promises to become more powerful as an MDM, with the ability to manage Apps and iBooks for iOS, something that currently requires a third-party MDM.

There is much more information in Apple’s document, and we will be sure to keep AFP548 updated with the latest public information on OS X Mavericks.


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  • Wow! SMB 2.0 only 15 years old…when 4.0 is released Apple will move to 3.0…

  • Hi EMS,

    Look at

    It is not SAMBA 2.0 (a free implementation of SMB), Apple is using SMB2, which was released by Microsoft on 2006.

  • Another thing I’ve notices about Mavericks, the location of the authorization database has changed from `/etc/authorization` to `/System/Library/Security/authorization.plist`.

    I’ve posted this on the locking down users post, too, but maybe this will save someone the searching I had to do!

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