iOS,Management April 29, 2013 at 3:46 pm

Casper Suite 8.7 Released

Casper Suite 8.7 has been released.  It contains some bugfixes as well as some new features.  The biggest change in Casper Suite 8.7 is the addition of a new app called Casper Focus.  Casper Focus allows a Teacher or other staff to lock an iOS device into using a specific application without needing an Administrator to do it for them.

There are also a few bug fixes in 8.7 for the JAMF Software Server as well as the jamf binary.   Be sure to review the list of deprecated features that will be removed or replaced in version 9.0 if you missed them in prior release notes.  For the full Casper Suite 8.7 documentation of changes, check out the product documentation page, specifically the release notes for 8.7.

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